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[Patrick Barron]

Previously: offense.

A word about format

This seems to happen in year three or four every time: after a brief introductory burst of spring game optimism the thing degrades until it's the barely-tolerated Lloyd-era relic. Remember ? The one that came down to a contested two-point conversion that got reviewed on the scoreboard?

…the white team poured onto the field like they'd just won the Super Bowl and blue team coach Chris Partridge roared off the sideline to have a Harbaugh-level conniption fit at the ref.

A couple other coaches reacted similarly, if not as dramatically, as Partridge; the white team organized at midfield for a photo. Wyatt Shallman headbanged like there was no tomorrow. Drake Johnson collapsed in a heap.

I tweeted to Ace that he should title the recap "Controversial finish mars Spring Game ending,"* because that was funny. It's only funny because it's kind of true.

This is a different thing now. Last year's team was good but it was still caught between being a program that apologizes for a tent stake and a program whose DGAF levels are off the charts. Judging from the reactions of everyone involved on both sides, the all-competition-all-the-time ethos has sunk in. That more than anything else makes me anticipate the upcoming season.

There were rappists! We got pictures of them:

My rap name is Medium Wayne. Dunno what this guy's rap name is. Steve? [Eric Upchurch]

This year we kicked off with 20 minutes of drills. There was a 12 minute halftime in which nothing happened. Score was not kept. I don't know how it ended because after three hours and change I saw Not Cade McNamara come out and decided that I'd had all the data I was going to get. Last year's spring game was flat-out cancelled instead of being moved a day or a week.

I'm pretty used to Michigan football going out of its way to be unfriendly to its fans but… yikes. When your spring game is untelevisable that says something. Do you know the things they put on TV these days? There's a show called "God Friended Me"! They'll put anything on. But not Michigan's spring game type substance.

Long way from the early days of Harbaugh to this place where douchy guys buy messages to fly over the stadium. And find some way to televise hockey FFS.

[After THE JUMP: I have concerns]

[Patrick Barron]

Khaleke Hudson

Chris Partridge said he’s got blood in his mouth and every day that he wakes up he thinks about it. I’ve been told too that he reminds you guys of that, too. What are they saying to you in practice to remind you of what happened last year at the end of the season in the Ohio State game and with Mattison and Al Washington leaving?

“With them two coaches leaving, they had to make a choice for themselves and for their families so I’ll never knock somebody for making that choice. Since that game and stuff happened we want to win that game. That game’s been stressed. That game is circled on our schedule. We’ve got to win that game. We can’t let the same stuff keep occurring each year, so every day in practice we’re just working our tail off and keeping it in our head that the last two games of the season really haunted us and we don’t want to ever feel that again so we’re going to work every day to not have that happen again.”

So do you feel like you also have blood in your mouth?

“I mean, yeah, I feel like we need to get revenge on them and just [inaudible].”

MGoQuestion: What does it do for you guys on defense as far as communication goes to now be facing an offense in practice that emphasizes tempo?

“Communication is key.?Even with an offense that doesn’t do a spread, communication is key. Everybody’s got to be in sync; everybody’s got to know what the play is, everybody’s got to know the adjustments. If everybody doesn’t know that, that’s gonna cause chaos [and] people will be scrambling around.

"By them doing the spread it makes us have our communication even tighter because guys are hurrying up, guys are moving fast and getting to the line faster. We’ve got to be able to match that energy and match their speed and intensity to be able to keep up with them, so I feel like it’s ultimately helping us as a defense helping us. Going against them is going to help us going against other teams.”

[After THE JUMP: Jeter on Mazi (and Mattison), Uche on standout defenders, and Woods on facing a Gattis offense and the speed of this year's defense]

hello sir [Bryan Fuller]

Spring has spung. Let's get it:

Gattis Effect: Check

Sideline play cards: yes.

i'm trying to figure out if this is a Zavier Simpson reference [Patrick Barron]

Tempo: yes. Under center snaps: no. Huddles: no. Passes under 30 yards in length: yes. Harbaugh talked the talk about handing the keys to Josh Gattis upon his hire, and so far the walk is being walked.

The overall effect wasn't quite Moorhead-era Penn State, though it was reasonably close. The recent football experience Michigan's spring offense brought to mind was in fact the Frost-era UCF team that Michigan played shortly before that program ignited. That OL got absurdly whipped—Michigan's DL got a collective +67.5 in UFR—and Frost managed to chisel out 275 yards rushing all the same. 87 of those came on one play:

UCF spent the whole game running this split action where outside runs are threatened to both field and boundary. I hated it. Every play felt like one mistake from a touchdown. Several mistakes were made and UCF got chunk plays on them because half the defense was busy running the other way.

That UCF team was coming off a legendary 0-12 season and Frost did well to get that group of bunglers to 6-7, but that was largely about the defense. His offense that year was 120th because it was all smoke and mirrors trying to cover up for a dearth of talent. The next year: 6th.

Gattis did this a ton. Michigan had an extensive jet package that was paired with action the other way, often QB run action. McCaffrey's rushing touchdown has a touch of this, with McCaffrey waiting a split second, attempting to sell some flare or crossing action the other way before bursting into a gap:

Other plays were more explicitly about threatening both edges of the field simultaneously. In between Michigan hammered inside zone. The quarterback run game was frequent and diverse—that bit did remind me of Penn State—and baked into the structure of the offense that last year's arc keepers were not. Those arc keepers were really effective but seemed to have no connection to the passing game, because Pep and Warinner were coordinating different offenses. Now there will be one.

Michigan added speed option, and added the IZ-to-speed option look that the D struggled with from time to time last year. They have OZ opposite jet motion. They've got a bunch of short passing looks, and every play someone's trying to take the top off. Spring games can only be so encouraging; this was maximally so.

[After THE JUMP: position by position]

This offense brought to you by the word 'energy'

It felt awful. It felt stupid. It felt ancient. It felt self-inflicted.

Last trip down the bits until fall, as the spring game will get its own coverage next week and then it's just cold, dark offseason punctuated by Hello posts and HTTV work.

except last year when there was no game and I just deleted it?

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